VA - DarkSide Worldwide. Chapter Two. Warrior of Darkness (2016) MP3


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Название: DarkSide Worldwide.Chapter Two.Warrior of Darkness
Исполнитель: VA
Год: 2016
Жанр: Drum and Bass, Darkside
Страна: All world
Продолжительность: 4ч.57м.55с.
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 кб/с


1.Aeph Feat. Neonlight - Space Truckers
2.Alien Seed - Controlled Warrior
3.Apache - Vagabon
4.Audio - Fallout
5.Audio - Nil By Mouth
6.Audio - Rollageing
7.Audio Feat. Mob Tactics - Exit Wound
8.Black Code - Techno soul
9.Black Sun Empire - Eraser
10.Black Sun Empire Feat. Eye D - Milkshake
11.Black Sun Empire Feat. Noisia - Feed The Machine
12.Brainpain - Lost Planet
13.Broken Note - Channel Zero
14.C.A.2K - Damager
15.C.A.2K - Power Trnc
16.C.A.2K Feat. Killah Madison - Minnesota 13
17.C.A.2K Feat. OTM - Our World
18.Concord Dawn - The Sum Of All Things
19.Concord Down - Morning Light
20.Cooh Feat.C.A.2K- Like An Angel
21.Counterstrike - Empire
22.Counterstrike - Meltdown
23.Counterstrike - Room Of Mirrors
24.Current Value - Fear Machine
25.Current Value - Overclock
26.Current Value - Plasticines
27.Current Value - The Fallen
28.DC Breaks - Gambino
29.Dead Phantoms - Angel
30.Dead Phantoms - Forgive Me
31.Dom Feat. Gridlok - Moodswings
32.Dub Elements - Truth Rising
33.Dub Elements Feat. Venganza - Welcome To Cybercity
34.Encode Feat.Valrus - Face 2 Face
35.Eye-D - Mission Statement
36.Forbidden Society - Filth
37.Forbidden Society - Focus On Violence
38.Forbidden Society - Heavy Metal Tank
39.Gridlok Feat. Prolix - Revenge
40.Gydra - Enigma
41.Hallucinator Feat. Isacco Pattini – Resistle
42.Katharsys - Deadman
43.Limewax Feat. SPL - The Assailant.
44.Magi - Already dead
45.Ogonek Feat. Cooh - Let The Music Play
46.Phase - Facts
47.Ruffneck - Denial of Evil
48.Technical Itch - Destroy
49.Technical Itch Feat. Kemal - The Calling
50.Terror[east] Feat. Syrinx - Another Faith
51.Terror[east] Feat. TRN18 - Crowd
52.The Sect - Tyrant
53.Thesys - Aftermath
54.Utopia - Scan Me
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